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Introducing a new artillery system encountered a severe opposition and the complete reform was set back until 1774. The Gribeauval gun system constituted the backbone of the Napoleonic artillery system. In view of a much more capable and mobile artillery system, Napoleon was able to perfect the use of the field artillery and developed new tactics. The siege artillery saw a much reduced use since it lacked the strategic mobility that the contemporary conflicts required.
The main type of projectile used by the 24 pdr was the cannonball also known as roundshot. This solid iron ball depended for its effects on the velocity with which it struck its intended target. Therefore a longer barrel combined with a heavier shot, as was the case with the 24 pdr, produced a greater the muzzle velocity.
The gunner’s art.
He crews were extensively drilled in the still complicated task of laying and firing their artillery pieces. First the loader placed a bagged charge of gunpowder in the bore and then the spongeman rammed it at home. Meanwhile, the ventsman had placed over the opening of the vent to prevent air being sucked into the chamber during the ramming actions witch could ignite any smouldering powder. This action was not necessary on the first loading but very important as firing continued. The loader then rammed the ball
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24 pdr siege gun — Balliet

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